current projects

Future SOC Lab
Free of charge access for researchers to a powerful IT infrastructure.
Digitales Andreaskreuz
Smart Level Crossings (RealLabHH TP 8, National Platform Future of Mobility)
Transfer of distributed ledger technologies to the railway sector.
Developing a telemedicine system for the support of cardiological patients.

current open source projects

Metal FS
Near-storage compute-aware file system and FPGA operator pipelines.
marvis (formerly cohydra)
Co-simulation and Hybrid Testbed for Distributed Applications.
A C++ parallel programming framework for NUMA systems, based on PGAS semantics.

For further projects, please refer to the OSM group on GitHub and the OSM group on GitLab.

current topics

  • resource management from core to Cloud
    • dynamic workload management in distributed systems
    • dynamic, workload-dependent resource scaling (e.g., dynamic LPARs)
    • memory optimizations for virtual machines (e.g., memory migration benchmarks)
    • NUMA-aware programming with the PGASUS framework: applications, case studies, benchmarks
    • architectures of future server systems
    • lock-free data structures
    • multicore/NUMA
    • advanced topology discovery with bandwith and latency measurements: find shared interconnects
  • accelerator programming / heterogeneous computing
    • high-Level programming facilities for distributed GPU computing (e.g., CloudCL)
    • high-level programming facilities for FPGAs (e.g., CAPI SNAP, OpenCL)
    • virtualization / Containerization for GPUs or FPGAs
    • FPGAs in IaaS Cloud Resources (e.g., Amazon F instances)
    • hardware-accelerated memory-compression (e.g., DEFLATE, 842 compression)
    • evaluation of integrated GPUs and APUs for latency-critical workloads (e.g., audio processing)
    • new programming languages & frameworks: CAPI SNAP, Radeon Open Compute, etc.
  • dependability and fault injection
    • assessment
    • fault tolerance of service-oriented architectures
    • fault injection in distributed systems
    • microservice architectures
    • decentralized architectures (e.g., distributed ledgers)
    • Internet of Things (e.g., Rail2X, IEEE 802.11p)

annual reports

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past projects