Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam Operating Systems and Middleware Group at HPI University of Potsdam, Germany
Operating Systems and Middleware Group at HPI


Today's Commercial off-the-shelf computer systems (COTS) typically are being optimized for high performance which often leads to unsatisfactory user experience for internet-wide distributed systems. Predictable end-to-end behavior of distributed real-time services is not a central issue. With growing system complexity, wide-spread distribution and new fault scenarios, it is a big challenge to provide reliable, guaranteed in-time services with middleware-based systems.

The research activity of our group is concerned with paradigms, design patterns and implementation techniques for enhancing middleware technology for predictable computing. One central issue concerns the open research question how far middleware technology can be pushed into the domain of embedded computing, thus linking embedded control systems with standard middleware.

A number of research projects are centered around the configuration problem for component software, specifically the "online replacement of software components" and the use of commercial off-the-shelf operating systems in control systems.

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