Most of today's distributed computing systems in the field do neither support dynamic reconfiguration nor the migration of execution entities among computing nodes during runtime. The relatively static association between units of processing and computing nodes makes it difficult to implement fault-tolerant behavior ('single point of failure') or load-balancing schemes.

The concept of code migration may provide a solution to the problems mentioned above. It can be defined as the movement of a process, object, or component instance from one computing node to another during system runtime in a distributed environment. With the .Rotor. implementation on hand, we plan to focus on cross-operating system heterogeneity issues and propose investigation of interoperability and migration schemes for applications distributed over different operating systems (namely FreeBSD and Windows XP) as well as varying .NET implementations (standard .NET framework, .NET Compact Framework, and Rotor).

In cooperation with Microsoft Research (see also the project page) we are working with the .NET Shared Source CLI called Rotor. We are investigating the integration of migration facilities in the .NET environment.

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