Windows Research Kernel @ HPI

Server Computing Summit: Presentations

Besides the presentation of Arkady Retik, there were several other talks at the Server Computing Summit: Dave Probert explained the complete Windows kernel in 3 hours, or Thomas Fahrig gave a detailed introduction to the Microsoft hypervisor Hyper-V.

All summit presentations can be found at this website.

Server Computing Summit: Arkady Retik

On the first day of the HPI Server Computing Summit, Arkady Retik gave a talk on the Microsoft Shared Source Initiative and the Windows Academic Program.

Arkady works at the Core OS Division group at Microsoft Redmond and is responsible for the Curriculum Resource Kit and other things to do with Microsoft's relation to universities.

Next Week: Server Computing Summit @ HPI

two freshly unboxed HP c7000 sticker 'Like what you see?' on HP c7000 back view (fans) of HP c7000 front view of HP c7000 front panel detail of HP c7000 assembly of server rack in lecture hall server rack in lecture hall Windows task manager on a HP c7000 blade

Microsoft / Hewlett-Packard Server Computing Summit 2008