Proxy for the Overpass API Publicly Available

Via we provide a publicly available load-balancing reverse proxy to OpenStreetMap Overpass API servers.

Using the Overpass API is a popular way of querying OpenStreetMap data. Especially during development, queries tend to be sent repeatedly. In order to save resources on upstream servers, lower response times, and increase availability, we set up a load-balancing reverse proxy for publicly available Overpass API servers. is offered to the public, however, without any guaranties (e.g., short-term and long-term availability, performance, support, etc.). Responses are cached for 24 hours but older cache entries may be returned when all upstream servers fail to return a successful response (HTTP 200) in time.

We use OpenStreetMap data in our research regarding co-simulation for digital railway command control technology, in the EULYNX-Live student project of the Digital Rail Summer School 2022, and in the research project FlexiDug.