Open-Sourced GeoNetworking Module (ITS-G5/V2X) for Linux

We published a Linux kernel module which implements the GeoNetworking protocol plus consolidated information and Ansible roles to prepare the Linux kernel (ath9k) and user land for ETSI ITS-G5 (IEEE 802.11p) communication.

We are proud to announce, that our bachelor project of 2018/2019 implemented the GeoNetworking protocol as a module for the Linux kernel. The GeoNetworking protocol is specified by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and a prerequisite for Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication via the ETSI Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Standard G5 (IEEE 802.11p).

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first open source implementation of the GeoNetworking protocol for the Linux kernel. This contributes to the ecosystem of open source software and open science in the area of intelligent transportation systems.

The bachelor project of the Professorship for Operating Systems and Middleware was conducted in cooperation with the DB Systel GmbH in the context of the Rail2X project. The members Lars Jonas Bollmeier, Florian Marx, et al. were supervised by Jossekin Beilharz, Lukas Pirl, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze,

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Additionally, we contribute a consolidated guide and Ansible roles to prepare the Linux kernel (ath9k driver), user space tools (regulatory database, CRDA, iw), and configuration (wireless channel properties, transmission power, IP properties) for ITS-G5/IEEE 802.11p communication.

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