Last Post

Hi folks,

with this very last article, I would like to inform you that this blog will be closed at the end of June. This decision was made for two reasons. (1) The Windows Research Kernel was a great step from Microsoft towards academia. Together with its license the WRK enabled universities to use the Windows source code for their teaching efforts. Unfortunately, there is no news about next versions of the WRK, which makes it hard to study and teach new trends in hardware design, such as multi-core architectures, hybrid systems, and memory hierarchies, in the context of the Windows operating system and to share those insights via this blog. (2) With the submission of my PhD thesis, my affiliation with the HPI will come to a close at the end of the year.

Nevertheless, we are going to maintain a static version of all the blog posts submitted so far. We will, however, disable comments for individual blogs. The transition to the static version should be completed by the end of June. In case you encounter any broken links, even past the migration time, please let us know via email.