WRK System Service Calls Made Simple

Michael created an exhaustive tutorial on how to create a new system service call in the Windows Research Kernel in his HowTo series. An important part is to define the system service dispatch table that contains the new system call, otherwise no user mode application could use it. Creating this dispatch table requires modifying two assembly language files, sysstubs.asm and systable.asm, which in our opinion has proven error prone and tedious.

Therefore, we created a tool that generates the system service table automatically when the WRK is built. It is available as binary for x86 platforms and as sources. It can be downloaded from wrktools.codeplex.com.

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Besides exploring the Windows Research Kernel for our own research purposes and posting our experience here on this blog, we also use the WRK for teaching operating systems concepts. One outcome of these efforts was for example the updated version of our Visual Studio 2008 solution file, that Michael posted recently.

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