System Service Call Implementations in the WRK

The kernel of a Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition system provides 296 system service calls. A complete list which allows comparison with Windows versions up to Windows Vista can be found here.

Not all system service call implementations are contained in the Windows Research Kernel source code. The following table shows the available system service implementations (Nt*-functions) with reference to the corresponding source code file.

As the WRK readme.txt states …

The kernel sources excluded from the kit are primarily in the areas of plug-and-play, power management, the device verifier, kernel debugger interface, and virtual dos machine.

… the most of the missing system service implementations are related to power management, plug-and-play, and device drivers.

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WRK Documentation

The source code documentation generator tool Doxygen can be used to generate a collection of HTML pages which allow easy navigation through large amount of source code files.

We created a WRK documentation using doxygen to allow a better exploration of the Windows Research Kernel source code.

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