research seminar 2021

about this seminar

The research seminar "Trends in Operating Systems" is targeted at students who are planning to do their Master's project or Master's thesis with the Operating Systems and Middleware group. We also invite Master's students who are generally interested in OS research.

Students can enroll in the seminar and earn 3 or 6 ECTS credits. To earn 3 credits, a prospective candidate has to study recent publications (~3-5) in a topic area (see the list at the bottom of this page). The candidate then has to deliver a presentation in our seminar and hand in a report. To earn 6 credits, we expect students to work on a hands-on project, which may involve implementation or evaluation work in addition to the presentation. Regular attendance is required in order to earn credits.

You report should consist of roughly 8-12 pages LNCS or 4-6 pages IEEE.


  • presentation: 30-45min
  • hand in slides and report
  • talk to the supervisor prior to the presentation
    • at least three weeks prior to the presentation: define directions and papers to read
    • at least one week prior to the presentation: discuss quality of slides
  • be prepared for a Q&A (discussions, backup slides, …)
  • attendance is expected


Please refer to the list of current topic on the landing page of this Web site. Feel very free to suggest cross-cutting and further topics.


Tuesdays, 11:00 - 12:30, Zoom meeting

To receive invitations to the regular meetings, please contact or


Future SOC Lab Day

  • Pawel Böning, Philipp Gampe, Leonard Geier, Master Project Presentation
    Power-Based Workload Classification, Recognition and Anomaly-Detection

  • Felix Grzelka, Master Thesis Defense
    On the Energy Consumption of Deep Learning Workloads

04.05.2021 at 10:45
  • Felix Gohla, Seminar Project Introduction
    EULYNX Live Lab - Distributed Testing Lab with RaSTA

  • Till Lehmann, Master Thesis Introduction
    Efficient FPGA-Implementations of DNA Alignment Algorithms

  • Joachim Kruth, Master Thesis Intermediate
    Properties of Energy Diffusion at Symplectic Integration of Chaotic Systems


  • Björn Daase, Leon Matthes, Seminar Project Introduction
    Observing a Moving Target - Reliable Transmission of Debug Logs from Embedded Mobile Devices

  • Valentin Schröter, Tobias Zagorni, Seminar Project Introduction
    Networked SD Card - Remote Access to Block Storage for Embedded Devices


  • Ramin Gharib, Master Thesis Update
    An Adaptive Workload Partitioner for Scalable Document Stream Processing



  • Hendrik Tjabben, Master Thesis Defense
    Design of a DDS-based Vital Computer Evaluated by the Example of an ETCS On-board System
    Presentation PDF



  • Tobias Zagorni, Master Thesis Introduction
    Improving Virtual Machine Migration using Disaggregated Memory

  • Valentin Schröter, Tobias Zagorni, Seminar Project Final Presentation
    Networked SD Card - Remote Access to Block Storage for Embedded Devices
    Presentation PDF

  • Daniel Richter, Research Presentation
    Analytic Redundancy with ML Inference

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