18th Annual Symposium of HPI Research Schools

Researchers from HPI Research Schools worldwide met at HPI to share and discuss their ideas and results

Research is usually not done by a single person but by several people supporting each other, exchanging ideas, and working together. To facilitate this exchange beyond a single research group or university, students from all HPI Research Schools worldwide were invited to the 18th Annual Symposium at the HPI, University of Potsdam, Germany. The symposium took place from April 19th to 21st 2023.

The symposium of the research schools incorporated several kinds of activities. The central aspect were presentations and talks. Enriched with keynotes by distinguished speakers from academia and industry, the PhD students shared the state of their research with talks or elevator pitches. The event also included interactive events, such as a poster session followed by a joint project brainstorming session. The symposium's days culminated with relaxed team events, such as an impromptu pizza social in the D-Space of the HPI main building and a boat trip across the Griebnitzsee.