Clemens Tiedt


E-Mail: clemens.tiedt ...
Room: C-1.11

Research Interests

  • Dependable Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • New programming languages and models (e.g. Rust)


  • Robert Schmid, Katja Assaf, Clemens Tiedt, Frederic Reiter, Dirk Friedenberger, and Andreas Polze. Managing complexity in safety-critical railway signaling systems using simplex architectures. In ISORC 2024. May 2024.
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  • Arne Boockmeyer, Julian Baumann, Benedikt Schenkel, Clemens Tiedt, Dirk Friedenberger, Lukas Pirl, and Andreas Polze. Processing digital railway planning documents for early-stage simulations of railway networks. April 2024. Paper presented at the Transport Research Arena 2024.
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  • Marcel Garus, Rohan Sawahn, Jonas Wanke, Clemens Tiedt, Clara Granzow, Tim Kuffner, Jannis Rosenbaum, Linus Hagemann, Tom Wollnik, Lorenz Woth, Felix Auringer, Tobias Kantusch, Felix Roth, Konrad Hanff, Niklas Schilli, Leonard Seibold, Marc Fabian Lindner, and Selina Raschack. Operating systems ii - student projects. 2023. doi:10.25932/publishup-52636. [ | ]
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