Seminar: Future of Computing - On the Road to Quantum

Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze
Felix Eberhardt, Daniel Richter

Der OpenHPI-Kurs Future of Computing - On the Road to Quantum kann auch als Lehrveranstaltung mit 3 ECTS-Punkten am HPI belegt werden.

What is this course about?

  • Broad content from hardware accelerators to edge computing
  • Experts from IBM talk about their field of expertise
  • ~30 minute videos about the different topics
  • The video language is english
  • Self-test after each video with 3 questions
  • At the end of each week there is a homework with ~20 questions
  • At the end of the course there is a final exam with ~50 questions
  • If you get more than 50% of all points from all homerworks and the final exam you passed the course

What is the task?

The topics

Three major areas which can be split up if needed:

  • Technology Trends
    • Coherent Interconnects
    • Memory Inception
    • New Accelerators
    • Energy-aware computing
  • New System Architecture
    • Hybrid Cloud
    • Edge Computing
    • DevOps, AIOps
  • Quantum Computing
    • Challenges
    • Impact on Security
    • Areas of application
    • Programming

The report

The Topics for the report

Edge Computing
  • Which hardware components are involved?
  • Which software components are involved?
  • Which workloads are executed?
  • Developments in GPUs
  • Developments in FPGAs
  • Other Accelerators (ML, Crypto, ...)
  • Compare with development of instruction sets
Hybrid Cloud
  • Which Problems are solved?
  • Fault Tolerance considerations?
  • Software Architectures
  • Which Workloads?
Coherent Fabrics
  • Compare the different approaches: CXL, CCIX, OpenCAPI, (others?)
  • What enables coherent memory access
Quantum Approaches
  • History and Development of Quantum Computers
  • Compare different Quantum Technologies
  • Challenges (scaling, fault tolerance, ...)
Quantum Programming
  • Frameworks, Programming Models
  • Development and Deployment Lifecycle
  • Debugging, Monitoring
Quantum Impact
  • Security considerations
  • Workloads, Algorithm acceleration / enablement

Additional Topics: DevOps, AIOps, Memory Inception, Energy-aware computing