Incorporation of QoS parameters in heterogeneous grid environments

Our research concentrates on non-functional service properties in OGSI-conformant containers (see past master theses).

Idle Time Clusters in the Grid

The Windows operating system can be seen as the most suitable operating system for idle time computing. We are working on the tight interconnection of grid technologies and idle time management architectures (e.g. Condor) by utilizing platform-neutral middleware technologies (Java, .NET).

Globus Toolkit

We are operating the HPI Grid-Testbed, which consists of heterogeneus hardware and software components. The infrastructure is managed by a Globus 3.2 installation.

Global Grid Forum

The Global Grid Forum (GGF) coordinates the global standardization efforts for grid computing.
We participate in the work of the Distributed Resource Management Application API Working Group (DRMAA), which develops an API specification for the submission and control of jobs to one or more Distributed Resource Management (DRM) systems.



We are offering a Grid Computing seminar in Bachelor (2003, 2004, 2006) and Master (2004, 2006) courses.

For further informations please contact Peter Tröger.