LEGO.NET Release

Version 1.4

The Operating Systems and Middleware Group at HPI is pleased to announce the second release of the LEGO.NET package, which allows execution of ISO Common Intermediate Language (CIL) applications on the Lego Mindstorms brick (RCX).

Compared to release 1.3, we made the following improvements:

  • Update to Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 2.0
  • interfaces are implemented
  • various bugs that prevented 1.3 from actually working have been fixed

Specifically, this release implements the following features of the .NET platform:

  • primitive data types: bool, byte, short, int, float, double
  • value types: enums
  • single-dimensional zero-based arrays
  • classes, including static/instance attributes, properties, and constants.
  • interfaces
  • string literals
  • delegates
  • static and instance methods, including parameters, local variables, constructors, and class constructors.
  • arithmethic operations
  • control flow operations: conditional and unconditional branch instructions, switch.

The following features are not yet supported (as are most features not mentioned in either list):

  • structs
  • multi-dimensional or non-zero-based arrays
  • exceptions
  • boxing and unboxing
  • arithmetic instructions that detect overflows
  • any predefined class except for System.Object, and a few barely-implemented System classes (e.g. ValueType, Enum, IComparable)


The release is available free of charge. Please follow the Link.

A word about licensing